Prices vary based on years of experience, advanced education and demand for that particular stylist.
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Services of 2 1/2 hours or more will require a credit card. If service is not cancelled a full 24 hours in advance, you will be charged a $75 fee.


Base Price

A professional blow out is great for any occasion, from a job interview, date night, or a night out on the town with friends. You can count on our stylists to deliver that polished beautiful style that will last.
Salon color is the healthiest and best way to cover gray, add shine, and volume all while keeping a natural multi-dimensional look. Looking to kick it up; we do awesome fashion colors as well as bright, light, wild or natural. We got you covered.
No matter what your style it will look better, healthy, and shiny. Our conditioning treatment will do that and more! Regular treatments will improve elasticity, luster, and texture.
Some color removals can actually damage your hair follicle. Leave your color removal needs to the experts at our salon. We will seamlessly and professionally remove any remaining dye using only the finest color removal products while carefully protecting your hair.
Nothing is better than walking out of the salon with a great haircut. The right cut will make you look beautiful and feel confident. A great haircutter is the product of years of training you can count on our salon experts to create the perfect look just for you!
Our haircutting expertise extends to men's cuts as well. Short clipper cuts to longer hair or businessman length. The details matter.
Cap highlights are great for first-time highlights or virgin hair as well as for very short styles. You get a lot of highlights in a more randomized pattern.
When a full foil still isn't enough and you want that intense blonde experience, this is for you. More blonde, please!
Foil allows for a more precise distribution resulting in a more personalized outcome. foil application also allows for multicolor effects and can be applied during a color application, saving you time. If your looking for just a “pop” of color or lightness around the face or a full head of highlights, we’ve got you covered with our mini, partial, or full foil applications.
Looking to maintain your full foil? Or just need a touch-up? A mini foil provides the benefit of a full foil, complete with precise highlight distribution and amount control while allowing for a multicolor application between your full-color treatments.
Intended for a natural look, an ombre allows for a style compliment while staying within a few shades of your natural color. The application starts farther down the hair shaft (a couple of inches from the scalp) for a “grown out” look that requires less maintenance.
Looking to change your hair color 'just enough?' Want to change things up without being too drastic? Partial foil highlights let you do just that. And because you'll still see your base color, partial foil highlights look more natural.
Professional waxing will leave your skin smooth and stable free for up to 6 weeks. Waxing removes the unwanted hair from the roots, it substantially slows the regrowth and density of the hair over time.