The benefits of regular spa treatments are numerous and profound. Though there are plenty of reasons for a trip to the spa, the underlying foundation is healthy longevity. 

Aside from hair removal and advanced pedicure/manicure methods, we provide paraffin hand treatments. The soreness and stiffness from using your hands all day can have a negative impact on your daily life. You can reduce stiffness in the joints and soothe your muscles with warm paraffin. This is thanks to improved blood flow relaxing your joints and hands.  

Our paraffin hand treatment offers pain relief while ensuring softer, more elastic skin. Along with improved elasticity, paraffin exfoliates, removing dead skin and dirt. Further, paraffin actually traps moisture in your skin, opening your pores. Collectively, this ensures smoother, glowing skin. 

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Danelle Castiglia

Nail Technician

Danelle Castiglia is a Licensed Nail Specialist. Customizing a service that is right for each client is her goal. She prides herself on always maintaining the integrity of her clients’ natural nails, even when doing artificial services. Whether manicures, pedicures or acrylic nails, she wants to do the best service for you!

Even as a young girl, growing up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, Danelle knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry.

Danelle says, “In 1995 I decided corporate America wasn’t for me. A friend convinced me that I should go to “nail school.” Before I knew it, I was signed up, and attending the nail specialty program at Erie 1 BOCES.

Nail Services by Danelle has been established for more than 20 years. Since entering the beauty industry, Danelle has enjoyed growing her business, continued education, and helping others to do the same. Over the years, she has mentored several nail technicians and empowered them with knowledge, skill, and independence.


Nail Services

Spa Manicure $30
Spa Manicure with Gel Polish $38
Maintenance Manicure $18
French Acrylic Set $60
Acrylic Full Set $50
Acrylic Fills $30
Acrylic Fill with Gel Polish $41
Three-Week Fill add $5
Acrylic Repairs add $3 -7 per nail
Spa Pedicure $45
Spa Pedicure with Gel $55
Maintenance Pedicure $30
Maintenance Pedicure with Gel $41
Polish Change – Fingers $10
Polish Change – Toes $15
Paraffin Hydrating Hand Treatment $10

Dacia Dunnigan

Nail Technician and Waxing Specialist

Twelve year old Dacia took her first trip to a local nail salon with her grandmother. There, she received not only her first set of acrylic nails, but also her interest in the fascinating and fast-paced nail industry.

Dacia received her formal training at The Salon Professional Academy. She has been a licensed professional nail technician for the past six years. During this time, Dacia has enhanced her craft by interning for Adrain Locke-Boyd and Danielle Castiglia. She received her Certified Master Pedicurist credential from the North American School of Podology. This certification permits her to care for clients with special podiatric needs, such as cosmetic toe nail restoration, geriatric care, and those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

To further advance her career, Dacia has also obtained certification as a wax specialist. All of these skills define the professional that is Dacia Dunnigan.

In her free time, Dacia is an avid lover of the theater, and occasionally has performed in film and theater. Driven, determined, and immensely devoted to her craft, Dacia is the total package. Book with her today!


Hand and Foot Care

Manicure $30
Gel Polish Manicure $38
Maintenance Manicure $16
Pedicure $45+
Maintenance Manicure $30+


Full Set $50+
French Full Set $60
Fills $30+
Repair (per nail) $3

Polish Change

Hands $10
Toes $15

Hair Removal

Eyebrows $13
Upper Lip $10
Chin $12
Cheek $12
Stomach $15
Bikini $25
Brazilian $45
Buttocks $30
Back $55
Underarms $25
Arms Full $40
Arms Half $25
Legs Full $65
Legs Half $40


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